Pieces of everyday life can be rebuilt into a new landscape


Similar to torn paper landscapes, children and parents can collect “supermarket scraps” from cardboard boxes like packaged food and tissue boxes

1) They can be cut up into smaller pieces and/or torn into bits for collaging. They are a tougher material than paper to tear or cut so they provide good physical resistance/discharge for a child. Once again, these pieces of now everyday life can be rebuilt into a new landscape by children and glued on to a thicker surface like oaktag or cardboard from your home. 

2) Alternately, a parent can help a child squeeze glue all over the oaktag/cardboard backdrop and the child can throw their collage pieces up in the air again and again until most of them land somewhere on the backdrop. Then, they can be pressed down into place. This collage is what happens when things are up in the air and we feel surprised by what happens.


sides/fronts/backs of packaged goods, Elmer’s glue, piece of cardboard (from the back of a sketchbook or side of a packing box).