Find a new way to come around the family table together! Meals nourish our bodies and art, our souls. So instead of making “comfort food”, we made “comfort art” by creating original placemats meant to remind each child they have an equal (and colorful) place in the family where they can be fed and cared for. 


1) Cover dining/kitchen table with a roll of paper. 

2) Invite the children to draw their own plate where they sit at table – will it include food? A design? A message? Parents join in & make one of your own!

3) Have your children cut them out (with or without assistance).

4) As a final step, trim & either laminate or use contact paper to seal them into their own placemats. 

It’s a bright, hopeful and grounding spot to return to with every meal.


(you may need to Amazon order these supplies but you can find items that are not costly and can be used many times over):
– Roll of white drawing or brown butcher paper
– Paint markers (rich, easy color)
– Scissors
– Small inexpensive laminator with clear laminating pockets OR less expensive roll of contact paper